Paul the Apostle or is it Apostle Paul?

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This article has got nothing to do with Paul, but with titles and crowns.


What’s in a title anyway?

Some people relish them, others don’t give a damn about them while others will give anything to have one.

No matter where you fall, do titles real matter??

If there’s one thing the devil fights, it’s your identity, he doesn’t want you to know who you are and whose you are. Once you know who you are and are secure in it, nothing moves you. Look at the lions, they know they are the kings of the jungle. They are secure and confident in that; they don’t fight for it because they know who they are.

So, I ask again, is it Paul the Apostle or Apostle Paul?

Indulge me a little.

A few things I have learned about titles.

One, never choose a title over a calling. Sadly, in today’s culture, we are so ready to be crowned. We don’t care who is giving us the crown, what the crown is all about but so long as it is a crown. We have forgotten that there’s only one giver of crowns-God.

In John 6:14–15, after Jesus had performed the miracle of feeding the 5000 people, the people in that town were so ready to crown Him as their king. But Jesus, aware of their plot, slipped away from them. Jesus knew that His purpose was to fulfill the calling the Father had given Him and not getting distracted by some crowns. Jesus said No to the title. He didn’t let this miracle to be confused with His assignment. He was already a King but His Kingship didn’t need some validation just because He fed some people!

Titles don’t make who you are. They only describe what you do. Unfortunately, today, we have made idols out of what people do instead of celebrating who they really are. We have moved from approval addicts to applause addicts. We are so addicted to the applause of men that we are ready and willing to do anything for it. We are busy impressing people with our titles and crowns but the real question is, “Are you fulfilling your purpose and assignment?”

And it’s these superficial titles and crowns that we are busy chasing that have led many into depression and suicide. Because, without a title, the society considers you a nobody, not worthy. And then compounded with the spirit of comparison, and the pressure gets real.

At the end of the day, it’s who you are that really matters, not what you do.

And who are you?

A child of God.

The Bible doesn’t say that Jesus would be given a title; that we would bow down to the title. The Bible says that He would be given a “Name”, not a title; a Name above all other names.

Demons don’t bow down to titles or run from titles but to names. Hell bows down to names. And your name is a child of God! Period. And that’s what will keep the devil running from you, not what you do.

You might get all the titles and crowns but what’s the point of getting them but then lose your own soul? (Mark 8:36). What’s the point of getting the applause of men but missing out on the most important applause- God’s applause?

Two, never choose a title over production. You’ve been called to produce something. To expand the Kingdom. Everything you do advances the Kingdom- your job, lifestyle, speech, business, choices, everything you do. And not just what’s done on the platform or pulpit.

Don’t let people’s labels restrict you from producing what you were called to produce. You are unique and special! And what you produce, nobody else can!

In Judges 9:8–15; the trees were looking for a king. Every tree that was producing something (the olive tree, the fig tree and the grapevine), all said No to the title. But since the trees were desperate for a king and for someone to have that title, they settled for the thorn bush. The thorn bush wasn’t actually producing anything beneficial compared to the other trees. It produced thorns!

And the thorn bush actually said YES. The thorn bush knew that nobody would ever go to him, so when they asked him, he immediately said Yes.

When you’re desperate for a title, you’ll submit to something, someone, that will hurt you just to feel significant.

All these trees were producing fruits but they all stooped over to a thorn bush just for a title. Be content producing the fruit that’s unique in you instead of comparing yourself and stooping over to a “thorn bush”, which doesn’t produce fruits but thorns!! Don’t stoop over and forfeit your gifts for a title, relationship or connection that will give you thorns in the end.

Stop comparing yourself with others. Acknowledge and celebrate the diversities but don’t stop producing what you were called to produce to be like others or to fit in. Or just for a title.

Titles only tempt people who aren’t secure in whom God has created them to be.

Why would I give up doing what I was created to do just to look like I am doing something?

Many of us have given up on what we were created to be and to do because we want to look like we are doing something so bad. We have completely changed who we are and what God has called us to do because it doesn’t look “cool”. And we are either living double lives or have completely forfeited who we are for something else. And in the end, we actually stop producing what God created us to produce. And even though it may look like we’re doing something and we’re busy, the truth is, many of us aren’t producing. We aren’t fruitful.

There’s fruit in you that the world needs and you shouldn’t stop producing it for a title.

Refuse to compromise your fruit and gifts for positions, titles and crowns. Whatever God has called you to do, it looks good on you and if it pleases God, don’t worry about people.

Whether you’re an engineer or whatever; if you’re using it to glorify God and represent Jesus, you’re producing fruits. But if it’s just for titles, it’s useless. When you produce much fruit, you’re indeed a true disciple of God (John 15:8).

Your motto, when its all been said and done should be to look forward to this applause when we get to heaven,

“Well done faithful servant.”

So, will it be Paul the Apostle or Apostle Paul?

The choice is yours.

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